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Love Amongst War 薛平贵与王宝钏 Summary

Main Characters: 

Benny Chan 陈浩民 as Xue Ping Gui 薛平贵
Jessica Hsuan as Wang Bao Chuan 王宝钏
Xin Zi as Princess Dai Zhan 代战西凉公主 (Princess of Xi Liang) 
Li Jing Rong as Ling Xiao 凌霄 (Dai Zhan's cousin)
Xia Tai Feng as Xi Liang Queen 西凉王后(Dai Zhan's Mother)
Zhang Liang as Wei Bao 魏豹
Lou Ya Jiang as Wei Hu 魏虎
Zhang Yong Qi as Jin Chuan 金钏 (Bao Chuan's oldest sister)
Chen Yi Zhen as Yin Chuan 银钏  (Bao Chuan's second oldest sister)
Chen Wei Min as Ge Da 葛大
Yi Ling as Ge Qing 葛青
Zhou Dan Li as Xiao Lian 小连
Yu Ji Fen as Xue Qi 薛琪 (Xue Ping Gui's step sister) 


The story begins with the birth of a baby boy. The birth of a newborn is supposed to be the most joyous happening, but for this baby, being born would bring danger to him. Once he left his mother's tomb his life was in danger. Immediately he was separated from his mother from birth. He had nothing with him except for a jade pendant and the character "wen 温" etched on his left shoulder by his mother. Hopefully one day she and the father can find their baby with these two things. In order to keep her son safe from the evil people, the mother killed herself to keep his whereabouts forever a secret. Who knew.. this baby would be the long lost son of the emperor.

Xue Ping Gui grew up as an orphan. He didn't know who his parents are but he was raised well by his step father. His stepfather, Xue Hao, had saved him from danger when he was an infant and since the infant had no name, he named the infant Xue Ping Gui. From a young age, he taught Xue Ping Gui well. He hired tutors to teach him how to read and write and he himself taught Xue Ping Gui kung fu. Xue Ping Gui grew up to be a fine gentleman. Wang Bao Chuan is the third daughter of the prime minister to the Tang emperor. Because of being a wealthy, aristocratic family, the father always worries of having face. One day while Wang Bao Chuan was out with her two older sisters, she was suddenly kidnapped by a masked man. Luckily, Xue Ping Qui happened to be nearby and saved Bao Chuan. This was the start of the love story between Xue Ping Gui and Wang Bao Chuan. This was supposed to be a beautiful love story, but who knew saving Bao Chuan would put Ping Gui in life-threatening danger. Due to an unfortunate twist of fate, Ping Gui's father is murdered and his house is burned down. Ping Gui, a well off commoner becomes a  homeless beggar. Bao Chuan still loves Ping Gui regardless of what he becomes but her father strongly opposes of this. From this point of Xue Ping Gui and Wang Bao Chuan will face many hardships and oppositions of their relationship. Will they be able to be with each other? 

Will the relationship between Xue Ping Gui and Wang Bao Chuan work out? And who is this long lost son of the emperor? What does this have to do with Xue Ping Gui and Wang Bao Chuan? Want to know what happens? Watch this 48 episode long historical fiction drama to see the story of Xue Ping Gui and Wang Bao Chuan. 

Major characters in the drama

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